Having developed an unparalleled reputation for delivering projects in the United Arab Emirates, The Royal Development Company has evolved over recent years to become a major player in the international development arena. RDC now has projects either complete or in progress in locations including Colombia, Belarus, Syria, Chechnya, Seychelles, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Jordan, Montenegro and Serbia.

RDC’s in-house Development Team has the ability and flexibility to adapt to a varied mix of stakeholders, projects, international locations, working practices and regulatory environments. The team treats every project as bespoke, and brings a personal approach to the delivery process.

RDC’s depth of knowledge and expertise, including an awareness of cultural considerations, is so deeply ingrained in all its people and processes that the Development Team is able to cut straight to the heart of the matter. RDC gets clients to where they want to be more quickly and more smoothly, while minimizing risk. In this way, RDC’s vast expertise translates into an ability to operate. RDC ‘gets the job done’ with a success rate that few other organizations can match.

RDC will continue to work towards being the first choice for clients who require the design and delivery of exceptional, extraordinary real estate assets all over the world.

The Royal Development Company is one of Abu Dhabi’s most trusted and effective developers, leveraging the experience of a diverse, multi-disciplinary team to deliver a range of projects around the world.


To be the first choice for clients who require the design and delivery of exceptional, extraordinary real estate assets.


To honour the trust that our clients place in us – by delivering creative international real estate solutions that anticipate clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.


  • We are devoted to our company’s values and principles and live by them
  • We are committed to our organization and represent it the best of possible ways
  • We are proud and driven by the company’s success


  • We are passionate about imaginative design and intuitive service
  • We are open to new ideas and continuously learn from our close-knit team members
  • We pursue opportunities and explore new fields in order to move forward and develop


  • We are direct, take charge and deliver
  • We are determined to ensure client’s reach where they want to be more quickly and smoothly
  • We feel responsible for every new project to benefit from the experience we have gained after every previous challenge


  • We honor the trust that our clients place in us
  • We require that our team respects confidentiality, solidarity and remain dependable and effective
  • We are confident in each other’s expertise and professionalism


  • We embrace optimistic attitude, and an unerring commitment to succeed in the delivery of services
  • We treat every project as bespoke and bring a personal approach
  • We meet the needs of stakeholders and clients by utilizing diverse working practices across the globe

A young, dynamic and solutions driven developer, the Royal Development Company (‘RDC’) was conceived by its Abu Dhabi Owners in response to the challenges faced by international Stakeholders seeking assurance in the fast changing and increasingly competitive development landscape of the 21st century.

It was recognized that in this modern, complex and technically focused development environment, too few individual organizations are sufficiently well equipped and risk aware to successfully deliver ‘exceptional international bespoke developments and built assets’ in a manner that both engenders, and demands, confidence from Stakeholders. I firmly believe that in establishing RDC as a globally recognizable development brand, synonymous with the values, culture and principles of a mature, modern and vibrant Abu Dhabi, the Owners have provided a genuine alternative for investors seeking performance based solutions to their development needs. Here at RDC, we see the future of development as one rooted in an innovative, organic and flexible process, creating the controlled conditions that help shape and form Stakeholders inspired visions to make these a reality. Our philosophy is simple, to understand Stakeholder objectives, manage risk and deliver excellence by exceeding expectations at every stage of the development process.

This philosophy has secured us a rapidly expanding and enviable portfolio of prestigious international developments, as Stakeholders move to select us as their preferred delivery vehicle.

Trust, integrity of work practices, flexibility, together with securing the best international industry talent available, will allow us to continue to respond and adapt our business to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

H.E. Salem Al Neyadi
Royal Development Company

Drawn from across the globe, Royal Development Company’s Management Team brings a diversity of perspective and an awareness of cultural considerations that are deeply ingrained in RDC’s approach.

The team is close-knit, which allows for effective communication and knowledge sharing across projects, and ensures that all RDC clients benefit from the depth of the team’s international expertise.

Combined with a can-do attitude and an unerring commitment to effective project and service delivery, this means that RDC is able to cut straight to the heart of the matter and to help clients achieve their goals quickly and smoothly.

The effectiveness of this approach is seen in RDC’s track record. The company’s core competence is an ability to operate. Quite simply, in challenging markets and on complex projects, RDC’s Management Team gets the job done.

Royal Group is a conglomerate of 60 large and medium sized companies’ base in the
Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Royal Group is firmly committed to adding value to the strategic and economic objectives and the future development of its companies.

Its diversified portfolios of business activities, such as media, trade, financing, real estate, manufacturing, construction, and technology, are focused on creating opportunities for further growth and expansion.

Launched in late 1990s, Royal Group currently employs over 15,000 people from a wide variety of countries and cultures and is supported through its head office in the capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi. The Chairman of the group is His Highness Sheikh Tahnoon bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Royal Group prides itself on its extensive knowledge of the region, its commitment to adapt to ever changing conditions and its insight in evolving new business opportunities. One of Royal Group’s proudest ventures in property development is the US $60 billion Al Reem Island Project.

The Group has expanded at a tremendous pace and is one of the largest businesses and investment holding houses in the UAE today. It has a significant and growing presence internationally, with a board spectrum of investments and partners throughout the Middle East, Asia, USA and South America.

Alejandro  Fonseca

Hisham Allam
Head of Construction Management

Andreas Braeuer

Jim Morgans
Operations Manager


Evelina Pilsutskyte
Marketing Manager